Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who are we?

That is a great question.

We are moms (and a grandma) from the neighborhood.
We have kids just like you.
We are volunteering to organize this group because we recognize that our own kids could benefit from time in this environment.

We could use some extra help so please let us know if you'd like to participate with us!
[email alibray at mac dot com]

Core Leadership Group:

Donna Phebus - a port street native who has a heart for kids and more energy than any other grandma we know (she is also the KWAV's "Chief")

Keri Olson - a port street native and mama to 3 kiddos

Tami Sanders - a port street mama to 4 kiddos

Ali Bray - a port street mama to 2 kiddos


  1. would love to be involved...tell us how? make jewelry with the kiddos?

  2. Hello, I saw your idea for zipper bag full of items to share with the homeless. My sister and I would like to do this and I was wondering if you would share a list of suggested items to include. Thank you. Kim Baker

  3. Hi! I am in Young Women of Vision and have a friend with a young daughter. She would love to get more information about your group. Who can I tell her to contact?