Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly Recap

This week our story focused on the little boy who had a willing and generous heart. He only had a few fish and a couple loaves of bread, but he shared all that he had.

Our discussion centered around what our Kwav's kids have that they can share.


How can we use what we have to help others?

How can our two hands help others (at home, at school, in our neighborhood, in our community, around the world etc.)?

How can they use their mouths to help others (speaking kind words, etc.)?

A willing heart is connected to the memory verse for this week (see above), and the character trait we are working on is BEHAVE.

The goal is for kids to understand what it looks like to do what they are told with a happy heart.

Continue this conversation as well. Affirm them (notice and make a big deal of it) when you do see them exhibit generosity, a willing heart, and obedience with a great attitude.

Our "serve" activity this week was to write a short note to the children at Shalimar Learning Center.

We also had the kids decorate a border on a canvas book bag (the rest of the book bag will be decorated by the child who receives the bag). The books that were donated today are going into the bags and will be given to the kids at Shalimar. We are very excited about the partnership with this great organization and will continue to work with Shalimar, as well as other great organizations.

Next week we will have another "serve" activity for the kids to work on, but we are not asking for the kids to bring anything from home. If you are interested in donating a few dollars to help cover activity costs, there is a small donation box set up at our registration table.

Have a great week, and thanks for being a Kwav Family!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Collecting GENTLY USED books!

The Kwav's group will be collecting GENTLY USED books for younger kids (preschool - 2nd grade reading level) for the children at The Shalimar Learning Center in Costa Mesa.

You can drop books off at the Phase II clubhouse Wednesday from noon - 2 PM.

Also - just a reminder, children K - 3rd grade are welcome to attend this after school program that meets on Wednesdays from 1:30 - 2:40. This week we are asking kids to bring a gently used book to work on an activity project for the kids at Shalimar! Children 4th - 6th grade are welcome to join us as Junior Counselors.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Smashing success!

Thank you so much to all the families who shared their kiddos with us this week. We had a great first session and were thrilled at the turnout of kids (40+ kids came ready to play and engage!).

We were incredibly blessed to see the generosity of our kids in their donations from their egg hunt to the kids at The Shalimar Learning Center. Our instructions were simply that kids share "whatever they felt that they wanted to share".

Some kids shared 2 of their eggs, and some kids donated their entire bag of eggs. It was pretty sweet to witness.

We'd love it if you would notice if your kids demonstrate being attentive [listening with their eyes, ears and heart] this week and affirm them for it!

We will be offering an incentive for those kids who know the verse that went home this week, so encourage them to practice it.

And, please do have your kids choose a gently used book to donate to The Shalimar Learning Center this week. We will be working with the kids to write a note to the child who will receive their book.

(Did you know that The Shalimar Learning Center is 10 miles from the port streets? 10 miles away there are children who live in very crowded and poor living conditions; who lack school supplies and places to study; and who are provided a safe and encouraging environment at The Shalimar Learning Center)

Feel free to email us at any time with any questions you may have
Ali - | Keri -
Tami - | Donna -

Many of you asked how you can help out with this program. We will always receive parents who want to hang with us and help with "crowd control" with open arms, so please know that you are welcome at any time to stay and hang.

We also are going to be serving snack each week and would gladly receive Snack Volunteers or small donations to help cover snack and/or activity fees. We do not want anyone to feel obligated to contribute in anyway! If you'd like to bring the snack for one of the weeks, please shoot us an email and we will coordinate.

We will have a box at the registration table if you'd like to donate a few dollars to help with snack or activity fees. (Thank you for the help!)

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekly Recap

  • We look forward to seeing the kids again next week!
  • Have your kids practice their verse and discuss what it looks like to be ATTENTIVE to family, to friends, to teachers, etc.
  • Don't forget to send a gently used or new book for the kids at The Shalimar Learning Center next week.

Monday, April 18, 2011

First KWAV Club Meeting This Week!

We are very excited to kick off this after school club this week for K - 3rd graders.
4th - 6th graders are welcome to help out as Junior Counselors.

Wednesday, April 20th
1:30 PM - 2:40 PM
@ Phase II Clubhouse

We plan to share the Easter story with the kids, go over our first "Character Trait" [ATTENTIVE], and have an egg hunt. We will be exercising our "sharing muscles" in our vision for our kids to help out their local and global community by asking kids to contribute some of their egg hunt treasures to a basket that will be donated to The Shalimar Learning Center.

We'd love for your kids to join us for this fun time.

Please let us know if you plan on having your kids attend by sending an email to

Drop off your children at the registration/snack table outside of the Phase II Clubhouse at 1:30 with the completed registration form:

[click on the picture of the registration form above to open it up and then print it out]

Other Important Details:

Parents are welcome to attend as well (just be ready to have fun!). :)

Interested in helping out?
Have a 4th - 6th grader who may be interested in helping as a junior counselor?
email us: alibray at mac dot com

Need more information?
For info on our mission, go here.
For info on who we are, go here.
For info on the schedule of our time, go here.

Any other questions - email us.

alibray at mac dot com