Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Recap AND News for this week

We had so much fun this last week. Really, we should not be allowed to have this much fun.

The kids learned about DILIGENCE - working hard to finish something. This is a character trait that they will get a lot of practice with.

We had a wacky obstacle course to practice diligence that involved lots of hopping and carrying a marshmellow on the end of a spoon that was balanced in the kids' mouths.

Like I said, we should not be allowed to have this much fun!

The kids also made another lovely bead bracelet for the women living at the homeless shelter. For some of them, that was an exercise of diligence too, and we are proud of them for sticking with it, even when they did not feel like stringing beads any longer.


Please help your kids practice their memory verse from last week (see below on the the recap sheet).

As our "giving" activity this week, we will be putting together "Blessing Bags" for the homeless. The kids will fill gallon sized zip lock bags with items that will bless people living on the streets (handi-wipes, granola bars, nuts, band aids, toothbrush, etc.).

We are asking each child to bring some quarters from their own banks (or from money they have earned) to put in the bags. These coins can be used by the homeless to purchase a warm cup of coffee or make a phone call at a pay phone.

We are suggesting that each child bring 4 quarters, but they can bring what they would like to give.

We will have our donation box out at registration this week. The blessing bags will be one of our most expensive activities so if you would like to donate to help cover the costs that would be great!

Thanks to everyone who had made donations so far. It has helped out a ton!

Here is the Weekly Recap sheet from last week:

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