Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekly Recap

This week we played our #1 KWAV's game - "Jump Over The River".  The kids show up every single week with that as their big request.  They go crazy for this game.  We are actually in awe of how far they can jump.  This week the longest jump was over 10 feet.  Are you kidding me?

We started the Old Testament story of Joseph and his journey from beloved son to slave in Potipher's house.  The theme of the story is "What man intends for harm, God can use for good."  We will be continuing this story next week.  The kids are truly spellbound during these stories as Donna holds them in the palm of her hands with her amazing storytelling.

The kids also worked on a craft for their amazing mommies since Mother's Day is this weekend.  We had cute little envelopes filled with coupons for their mommies and they wrote a little note and decorated them.  I am excited to cash in my coupons for having the trash taken out and other helpful endeavors!

We also pulled our next "blessing mission" out of our blessing jar.  This is a new KWAV's tradition and the kids are excited to be out in the neighborhood with a secret task.  This week's mission is to give a balloon with a happy note attached to it to someone.  I cannot wait to hear how the kids run with this in different ways.  Be sure to snap a photo of your kiddo in action if you can!  We would love to post their photo on our site and brag about them in front of their friends!

Have a great week!

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